Exclusive Interview Revelations with Greg Lake on DMME


Embarking on a musical journey with an icon cannot get more exciting. If you’re an avid fan of Progressive Rock and have ever marveled at the defining sounds of Greg Lake, you’re in for a treat. This blog will detail an exclusive interview conducted with the legend himself on DMME, a critically acclaimed music platform.

Who is Greg Lake?

You cannot possibly talk about Greg Lake without highlighting his impactful career. The British-born musician was best known as the bassist, guitarist, and vocalist for seminal progressive rock bands King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP). Lake was fundamental in shaping the direction of the Progressive Rock genre, adding musical depth that will always warrant applause.

Dive into Progressive Rock

If you are yet to acquaint yourself with the transformative genre of Progressive Rock, instrumental exploration will awe inspire you. It’s characterized by sophisticated lyrics and long instrumental sections blending rock with jazz, classical, or folk elements. Indeed, artists like Greg Lake paved the way for this daring exploration in music.

The Start of His Incredible Journey

Greg Lake began his musical career at an early age, showing exceptional talent as a singer. His breakout moment came when he joined forces with Robert Fripp to form King Crimson. Their debut album “In The Court Of The Crimson King” became a big hit and solidified their presence in the progressive rock scene.

The Magnificent ELP Phase

After leaving King Crimson, Lake collaborated with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer to form ELP. Emerson, Lake & Palmer enjoyed immense success and became one of the most popular progressive rock bands of the 1970s. Their devoted following eagerly awaited each album release.

Intriguingly, Not Just A Musician

Though known primarily as a musician, Lake was also a songwriter and record producer. These roles enabled him to exercise creative control over his work, often leading to uniquely personal and distinctive records. His lyrics were deemed profound, with compelling themes concerning philosophy, love, and societal observations.

Unveiling Bass-Guitar Technique

In addition to his vocal prowess, Greg Lake was an accomplished guitarist and bassist. He is particularly noted for his deft technique in playing the bass guitar while simultaneously singing – a skill mastered by only a few musicians.

Glimpses of Solo Adventure

For all the hours spent collaborating with others on band projects, Lake made time for solo pursuits. Notably, his 1981 hit “I Believe in Father Christmas” topped charts worldwide. Greg’s solo career speaks volumes about the versatility of this progressive rock titan.

Turning Point in Career

Even stalwart careers like Lake’s witness turbulence. The dissatisfaction with commercial pressures and growing tensions within ELP led to his momentary break in 1979. This significant shift marked a turning point in Lake’s career.

Triumphant Sportive Rendezvous

There are interesting instances outside the realm of music that reveal facets of Lake’s persona as well. An avid sports fan, he played football for charity in 1984 between two Rock All-Stars teams. These moments embody the philanthropic side of this beloved artist.

Awards and Recognition

Greg Lake’s illustrious career earned him various awards and honors over the years. Notably awarded Progressive Music Awards’ “Visionary” title in 2012, his contributions to music saw recognition globally.

Canvassing to Book

Given his influential career, Lake fittingly penned an autobiography, entitled “Luck of the Draw: Living the Dream”. The book, released posthumously in 2017, sheds light on his extraordinary life and musical odyssey.

DMME Interview Insights

The musician’s candid conversation with Dimitry Epstein on DMME provides a precious insight into his life and career. A progressive rock fan can rummage through a gold mine of information gleaned from the heart of one of the genre’s greats.

Tragic Loss to Music World

The music world was distraught over Greg Lake’s passing in December 2016. His death was a significant loss to Progressive Rock and the music industry at large. Thankfully, Lake’s impactful contributions remain immortalized through his timeless songs and soulful lyrics.

Saluting His Legacy

Inarguably, Greg Lake was an influential figure whose powerful lyrics, distinctive voice, and instrumental expertise shifted the course of Progressive Rock. Even years after his passing, he continues to inspire countless musicians worldwide. His legacy will certainly echo through generations to come.

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